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about exalted arts

adjective. (ex·​alt·​ed) | raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station
rapturously excited

Exalted Arts is a professional, non-union theater production company seeking to develop bridges between theatrical arts and Christian faith communities both locally and worldwide. We help individuals of all backgrounds enjoy values-driven entertainment ignited by biblically uncompromising stage works that provoke thought, spark conversation and enliven culture.

The production team at Exalted Arts is dedicated to your enrichment and ready to support
your appreciation for theater arts.

A Lifetime of Experience
Founder, Cynthia Garcia, has been a part of the arts and entertainment industry for over 3 decades. With a passionate creative team, she produces and promotes productions that sweeten your faith and help support your quest to patronize the arts.
Faith + Art
We pride ourselves on achieving an enriched life experience by cultivating an appreciation for God and theatre arts, increasing social bonds in the community, and creating positive experiences. We thank all our patrons for your continued support!
our mission

We deliver inspiring and transformative theatrical performances and events that entertain the people of Houston, Texas, and even the world.

We want to ensure each individual participating in or attending our events feels welcomed and values the sense of community we endeavor to bring.

our vision

We see a world where diverse audiences are enriched by theatrical works that inspire, uplift, challenge and transform.

We desire to positively impact culture through theatrical and media arts while being established as a developer and producer of new works designed to make God’s name famous.


Your enriched life experience through theater arts is our business.

Based out of the heart of Houston, we welcome theater curious and theater lovers to our values-based entertainment ventures. In addition to hosting theatrical productions and events, we offer media, film, poetry, and youth-enrichment programming.  Stay in the know by bookmarking our event page.


inspired! media

inspired! Media aims to engage audiences through social media, radio and audio programming that inspires, uplifts, challenges and transforms.

inspired! productions

inspired! Film Productions brings biblical principles to light with stories that are creative, informative, entertaining, and transformative to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

inspired! poetry

Spoken word performances are hosted by Exalted Arts in an effort to bridge the gap between art and faith. Designed to cultivate critical thinking around biblical faith, a special roundtable discussion is featured as an integral part of the event.

inspired! Workshops

inspired! Performance and Enrichment Workshops introduce and teach performance skills while helping to strengthen character development in youth.

Kristine Thomas

I truly enjoyed the Christmas play! Nice music and well put together! Looking forward to more plays!

K. Williams

This company’s Faith-Based plays and information is very inspiring and worthy of sharing!

E. C. Jones

Strong message! Great work!

J. Mayhew

Very professional.