Live, theatrical productions that celebrate and portray the truths of the Bible through creative and innovative methods.

Film & TV

Sharing biblical truths through recorded and live broadcast video and providing opportunities for related artists.

Workshops & Conferences

Professional development activities that specifically address ways to enhance the world in which we live through the arts.

Bible Studies

Providing local artists and production personnel with opportunities to engage in prayer and bible studies.


We believe the arts are God-breathed, a measure of a civilized society, and a catalyst for the enrichment, growth and pleasure of all citizens of that society. Our mandate, therefore, is to create opportunities for the discovery, development, and celebration of creative abilities in the performing, visual and media arts.

Further, we seek to provide a variety of learning experiences for adults and children in our effort to develop bridges between the performing arts and faith-based interests within the greater Houston community, throughout the state of Texas, and yes, even in all the world.

Are you interested in leveraging the arts to bring edifying and enlightening entertainment to your organization?